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Like Desmond and/or Jim Morrison?

Just finished my first vid in a very long time... Go to yT to watch in high quality if you like things much prettier :)

People Are Strange

summer hibernation finally over

i've been offline for soooo long, it is scary. but anyway, i'm going to be online more now that i'm going back to seattle for college. summer at home makes me lazy and cranky :( But a couple of good things are happening... I now have in my possession the entire soundtrack to the Elvis '68 comeback special!! Yay I can listen to Let Yourself Go anytime I want.... well not all the time. A girl can only take so much of horny Elvis in one day. But today I get to stay home (as usual, blah) and make calamari for my Mom's birthday. Never fried calamari before, so it should be awesome! And to top it off I read on Darkufo that Desmond has been spotted in Hawaii sweating and frantic! So now that I'm having such a good day I'm breaking internet silence XD

teen angst

summer sucks. my dad has tendonitis so now i'm not just a slave to the house i'm a personal servant. i'm griping i know...
i started seeing a guy right before i left home for summer. he's about 2 hours drive from me but he'd love to visit except... he's a pakistani muslim and my parents would disown me if they found out! yeah i know not so risky sounding to most ppl but to me it's just about the riskiest thing i've ever done. well okay contemplating suicide once was certainly a lot worse but i never was anywhere close to doing it, which is a bit different than committing serious midnight smooching :-O. Meanwhile i am struggling to find out what the hell i want to do with my life so I can write it into a nice little essay, well okay maybe 5 essays to send out for scholarships. and to apply for grad school. gah. I want summer to be over lol


I'm terribly inconsistent

Thank god I have not chosen a career as a novelist. I start writing about the Lost finale, and then I just stop :-P I start being a regular online personality, and then I disappear for about 2 weeks- well sorry :-(
I've been stuck at home for summer vacation, which should be a very lazy time. But that would be if my dad wasn't a regular slave driver and I didn't have to watch my little sister and my brother. Gah. Yeah. It kinda sucks. Every summer I think it will be different, but i am so in denial.
Anyway, I am trying to be online again. Not consistently blah, but I'm trying. 

Seeking Icon Help!!

I know there are some amazing icon makers out there... and I ain't one of them :-P I need help!!!!!
Lately I've found myself torn between my Elvis icons and my Ian icons. What I really need is an icon with the two of them side by side ;-D

I mean, they're both sooo... um... sexycuteadorablehothunkylovelyprettymanlyyummysmexy

a little story I wrote...

*contains some language and a bit of strong imagery*
oh and yeah, it's not a "fan" fic either


Behold... My Future
  I will marry elvis presley.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in cadiz in our fabulous Apartment.  
  We will have 23 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a blue susuki.
  I will spend my days as a linguist, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future

What the hell?

Dear Diary, yet another Indian guy has asked for my phone number. And again, in the library. Do I give off special pheromones when I study or something?

On yet another light note, I made a random Ian appreciation vid XD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlDdDeZG6u8

i've been MIA for awhile because I went to Wisconsin for my brother's wedding. It was really wonderul and great and happy and so much fun because I got to a bunch of relatives I never get to see because they live on the east coast. 
I'd never been on an airplane before and now I think I'll stick to trains if I have a choice. It was a long drive to Portland at 1 in the morning. And in the airport we had to stand around for hours of course, with fat unattractive airline pilots moseying around and tripping over my bags. God, where is pilot Desmond when you need him?!
And of course the Portland-Minneapolis flight was delayed. Then the flight from Minneapolis to Madison  was delayed three times. And then on the way back the flight from Madison to Minneapolis was delayed forever because there was a tornado watch and it was raining cats and dogs, gah, and we almost missed the Minneapolis-Portland connection. But hooray I made it back... just in time to study for my final tomorrow morning at 8am. 

Going to the Chapel

Lately I haven't been able to vid much, but this weekend I made two new vids.
And one of them might appeal to my fellow Ian fangirls :-)