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i've been MIA for awhile because I went to Wisconsin for my brother's wedding. It was really wonderul and great and happy and so much fun because I got to a bunch of relatives I never get to see because they live on the east coast. 
I'd never been on an airplane before and now I think I'll stick to trains if I have a choice. It was a long drive to Portland at 1 in the morning. And in the airport we had to stand around for hours of course, with fat unattractive airline pilots moseying around and tripping over my bags. God, where is pilot Desmond when you need him?!
And of course the Portland-Minneapolis flight was delayed. Then the flight from Minneapolis to Madison  was delayed three times. And then on the way back the flight from Madison to Minneapolis was delayed forever because there was a tornado watch and it was raining cats and dogs, gah, and we almost missed the Minneapolis-Portland connection. But hooray I made it back... just in time to study for my final tomorrow morning at 8am. 


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Jun. 13th, 2008 11:36 pm (UTC)
Wow, you are the third person I know that was in Minneapolis this week! We had the tornado warnings last night. Not fun! Glad everything went well for you. Same here!
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