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a little story I wrote...

*contains some language and a bit of strong imagery*
oh and yeah, it's not a "fan" fic either




At noon I washed my hands and had lunch. I made a sandwich out of her shitty tuna salad. Twenty-two years together and Gina still can’t cook. Damn it. I had missed a spot of blood on the refrigerator last night. I wiped it off and put the washcloth in the bucket of bleach by the sink.

After lunch I went down to the basement and threw the two suitcases in the back of my truck. It was going to be another hot August night, so I wanted to listen faithfully to Neil Diamond at home again. I knew it would be risky to get rid of it in broad daylight, but you can’t get anything done unless you follow schedule.

I got on I-5 and headed north. Everything was running smoothly until I passed exit 91 and traffic stopped completely. We all sat there for thirty minutes until the Bug in front of me started moving again.

My body jerked forward suddenly when the semi behind me hit and sent my vehicle forward ten feet. I shouted at the asshole and started up my truck. I looked out the window and clenched my fists on the steering wheel as the Boy in Blue to my left signaled me to the side.

I pulled over and stopped. He parked behind me and walked up to my window. “Step out of the vehicle, please.”

“What the fuck do you want?” I demanded. I was pressed for time already. The longer I sat there, the longer the sun shone, the hotter it would get, and the sooner it would be before the damn suitcases started to stink.

Officer Whatever looked behind me. I scratched my chin and began to sweat heavily as I noticed his wide and unbelieving eyes. His nose twitched as he swallowed. I had to get out of there.

“I haven’t done anything wrong, officer. Let me go.”

He told me to get out again. When I didn’t, he pointed his pistol at my forehead. I didn’t want to die. I got out and did as he told me. I walked to the side of the truck, and the soles of my feet broiled on the rough pavement.

I wondered what had gone wrong. I turned my back obediently to him. As he read Miranda to me and slipped the handcuffs over my wrists, I knew. A long sigh escaped me as I looked at the small yellow suitcase resting atop its mother pair. Gina never did fix its loose straps like I told her to.

Piece of shit never did anything right. Nothing at all.

The flecks of blood across her lifeless eyes stared at me. The sun gave them light and life just as it gave life to the rotten stench coming from Gina’s stupid severed head.

She never did anything right, and now I had to take the heat for it.

I wished I could kill her again.



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Jun. 13th, 2008 09:53 pm (UTC)
Wow, that was a really strong peice! Loved the ending.
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