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Finale tidbit #1

If I post my thoughts on last night's Lost finale I would write like ten pages. So I figure I will just post extremely random thoughts gradually, and not in the order of which is the most important to me.

Extremely random thought #1:

Ben in the future was hot. Srsly I actually thought he looked a little hot :-) but the scene was also just really well done.

Benry & Desmond

From a recent interview with Michael Emerson:

TVGuide.com: Is there anybody you wish you had more scenes with?
There are characters that I've never had scenes with, it's so crazy. I've never had a scene with Sun or Jin; Michael only briefly; Desmond.... Now that could be interesting. What could bring Desmond and Ben Linus together? Something in the future, I am thinking. Since Ben seems to have Penny in his sites now, that's going to bring him into a collision with Desmond at some point, I assume.

My thoughts exactly!!!

a little bit more of the finale fic

This is part 2 of my fantasy finale. Unfortunately, evil sneak peeks Wednesday spoiled my ideas so I'm not finishing this. Besides the finales a day away. 


Received evil announcement in my uw mail folder: Mandatory dorm floor meeting thursday night at 9:30pm?!!! 
If they expect to drag me away from my Lost finale they can also expect for me unleash Smoky on them!

A very very short Finale fic

I am suffering waiting for Thursday!!! So, I wrote a little something this time. I suppose it could be best described as a prelude...w/focus on Desmond on the freighter. It's extremely short and nowhere near complete (I have homework wating for me).
And it's really late to write something on the finale... but hey it's fun to write. 


Having too much fun with Doctor Elvis ;-)

Two words: SMEXY CUTE


What the Hell was I thinking??!?!!

Woke up this morning, went to check my email, saw the latest Henry Ian Daily and went *thud*, went to linguistics, and then I met a handsome stranger...

Ian has my birthday!!!

Shortest entry I'll ever write: I was born April 17th 1989 and Henry Ian Cusick was born April 17th 1967!!!
-first reaction: holy crap how did i not see that?!
-second reaction: Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I am the most obtuse fan girl ever!

To write or not to write...

Should I make the plunge into fanfiction?